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March 02, 2006


Lizzy B

Ah Meg, I had to laugh at your last sentences about the contenment being dull. It reminds me of an ancient Chinese curse: May you have an interesting life. Also heard as may you live in interesting times. Interesting includes drama and strife and conflict. Not having those in your life and actually being happy is in no way boring, it is desirable and enviable by those who do not have that. :)

As for your MIL, next time, ask them to get a hotel room when they come to visit. If they ask why explain to them that you do not want tension and strife under your roof. Maybe it will be a wake up call that they cause discord instead of happiness and harmony.


scary thing is, I dont think they even NOTICE the conflict! Thanks for the sweet words...as always


Well, at least you let her live. I can't say I wouldn't have thrown her out on her butt. ;-)


Hey, Meggers!

I haven't forgotten about you. I just wanted to start back where I left off reading, and catch up. As I got distracted by other things, that point got farther and farther back. Finally I just said screw it, let me pick it up here. (I mean, c'mon, how many "baby is fussy today," "baby cut first tooth today," "baby coos so cutely!" posts do I really need to read?) ; P

Love and lechery.


those are even worse on the other (baby's) blog! and that's also why I so rarely blog here...


You know I'm just teasing you.

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