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March 13, 2006



That's hilarious. I'm especially enjoying the little blindfold. Do you have any little bowls of gruel you could put in front of it?


My wife is devious!!! I love it.


Did the guy "pay" the ransom yet? Are you torturing the hostage?


Reusker gave the phone to a "third party" because he was going out of town. No photos were delivered, the only fun outcome was the "you guys are having way too much fun with this" email that Jason sent (withouth knowing to whom he was sending it). I dont think he ever found out hoodunit (local accent).


Update Update...

I am still laughing...



it peetered out. I dont think jason ever found out whodunnit...his Blackberry just mysteriously found its way to hanging outside his office door the next day. Boring finale, but easier on my guilt! at least the whole office is laughing behind his back...I dont think he knows they all know!

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