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April 25, 2006


Your Conscience

Hey Meg, I'll ask my wife, see what she says. That sucks, and I know it's widespread. Usually there's a catch in the employment contracts that allows these loopholes...


Drop me a email and I will help sort out the HSA questions. I am a expert in section 223 regs and administering HSAs.

Lizzy B

I don't know much about these issues but I can tell you that the laws of the state the company is based/headquartered in takes precedence. My understanding is that changes in coverage and plans can only happen at the time of annual enrollment, but again, my insurance is through my husband's company and they are based in Canada so I have no idea what implications that has on our situation.

It sounds like a shady thing to do if not illegal. Perhaps Reusker should start looking for something else?


Yeah, for what it's worth - I'm a 30 year health care professional and I get a $5000 out of pocket deductible, then pay 20% of the rest of the costs - that's here in Maine, where we pay illegal aliens to come so the rest of us with legitimate health insurance can pay more for those losers. Looks like you are WAY on top of the curve, compared to the rest of us. Also, with eight RX drugs on my paylist, I pay 100% of those, which amounts to over $7000 in drug costs alone. WTF are you complaining about?!!!


that really DOES suck... but when you ask about what *I* am complaining about, its the bait and switch. He took the job under one pretense, and now he's working twice the job for much less money (add to the $10K drop in healthcare the loss of his bonus, merit raise and any cost of living increase...all gone). All the same, if you need to hear it: yes Doc, your healthcare costs SUCK.

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