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April 17, 2006


Lizzy B

He's right, it's very feminine looking. If it had a pointed collar instead of a round one, it would be more masculine.

Why do babies have to be in pale colors all the time anyway? I've always been a fan of bright colors on babies. But that's just me... :)

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Yeah, I have to admit that the Peter Pan collar makes it look a little girly ... but he's a BABY, for heaven's sake, and he still looks adorable!


oh I just hate it when I have to tell Reusker HE is right instead of me, but if everyone thinks so...then maybe we just wont tell him (ha ha ha). And I think people go with pastels because (in theory) its a softer, gentler, "baby" look? Personally I dont care...we have lots of bright out fits, although I didnt see anything bold (or masculine) for Easter. Now I think I should put up the other outfits and see if anyone found anything good amoung them...just out of curiosity. We'll see if I have the time/energy...

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