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April 12, 2006


Your Conscience

I agree Meg. It's clear that there are so many problems with changing stories and testimonies that I'm not sure we'll ever know the whole story. But I think the point is simply to look like we've 'done something'. Obviously the war has been a fiasco, and only gets worse, so we're left with this. And outside of a few enlightened grieving spouses, I think it will serve simply as a vehicle for releasing frustration and anger, regardless of the truth surrounding it. The next time somebody says, "Man, 9/11 was such a shame," the next guy can at least say, "Yeah, but we nailed the guy who did it," Clearly he didn't do it, but it helps a lot of people redirect their frustration. I find it sad that we lost 3000+ people on that day, but I find it even sadder that we've killed countless tens of thousands in response, and have leadership that feels it did the right thing, regardless of the fact that there is no connection between the dying thousands in Iraq and the victims of 9/11. I wonder. Do you think an atheist or agnostic president would be bombing the shit out of the middle east right now? Me either. Reminds me of that George Carlin line - "I'm not an atheist or an agnostic, I'm an acrostic. I'm puzzled by the whole thing."


now they are saying he 'caused at least one death' one sept.11? bullshit, the guys was in a Minnesota prison! If his lying to the FBI caused anything, then what about the other evidence someone chose to ignore? Shouldnt that person be tried as well? Moussaoui is clearly a whack job who wants to be martyred...i hope our countrymen are just.this.once smarter than the hype (but I doubt it)...

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