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June 21, 2006


Your Conscience

You really want to have fun Meg? Take a class on the lathe. I bought a lathe and haven't made any furniture for almost a year, but I've turned a shitload of bowls, pens, plates, vases, etc. Way too much fun.

Your Conscience

Contact Dermatitis? On your cleavage? Ohhhh, that's so HOT!

If it gets too itchy, try a random orbit sander. Guaranteed to make the itching stop.

Lizzy B

Hmm, I would ask how you managed to get poison ivy all over you, but I'm not sure I want to know...

Well, I don't have the address for baby's blog or I would go and check it out myself...


so YC lives, afterall (you wouldnt know it from HIS blog!)....yeah! And LB, I truly have no idea how I managed to get it everywhere...EXCEPT the most interesting place (thank gawd!).


Wow! I've been published in someone elses blog! I feel so special [beams].

Screw the family...I going to be crushed if you take down that site! It's so fun to see how your precious son is growing up! Brings back great memories of when my daughter was that young.

As for the mother-in-law...all I can say is tough love. All she cares about is herself it sounds and manipulation has become her game. She wins each time so why stop? Tough love...

Best of luck with the rashes..yeesh...Hugs!


*twitches and starts to feel itchy* OH great. *waves hello and starts to scratch*

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