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June 07, 2006


Lizzy B

Hmm, being the heartless bitch that I am, I would say don't pay her bills. It's VERY clear from your post that she wants to take advantage of any kindness. If you start subsidising her existence now, she will leech off you forever.


I agree insomuchas that we would be enabling some VERY bad habits...I dont think we would actually be helping her in the long run. She needs to take responsibility. But I'm also not sure its our place to teach/parent her. Then again, if she is asking us to pay her bills......Regardless, my Reusker would never turn his back on her, even though her utter lack of mothering towards him would (in my mind) justify any rejection he gave.


I have two co-workers AND a friend going through this. They all decided to go the route where they would pay a few of the bills for THIS month but not all of them. That left enough motivation for the family member to get a job. In the past that family member was soaring on the free ride so they had to put an end to it so the person would learn responsibility so to speak. I'm pretty sure "Mum" can get health insurance through the state if she really wanted it. I believe it is Medicaid. I could be wrong as it's been a while since I had to check into that. Gee, now I see the comment Lizzy left and realize it is identical to my point. Oh well. Either way, I wouldn't snub her completely but don't pay all the bills. Just the critical ones for this month only under the condition she finds a job within the month. Heck anyone can work in a gas station so she can't give the excuse of nothing out there. Having something is better than nothing even if it seems like low pay. It is also easier to find a job when you already have one! Okay, I'll shut up now.


she QUIT the retail job she had...she will not take "just any job" (hence my reluctance to help!). I'm so worried we will SAY one month, but Reusker would never cut her off, no matter how many months. But, I neednt worry over that just yet...

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