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July 27, 2006



There has got to be a silver lining in there somewhere. It will come to us if we want it to (I'm trying not too sound to hokey, but some times that passive spiritual BS works!)


Remind me again why you haven't washed your hands of these people yet? ; ) I say that because two of my family members are absolutely draining and I have finally had-it and washed my hands of them. If they aren't willing to have an interest in my Meg and I's life then why should I be sucked into the drama of theirs? (Sorry Reusker...I'm probably not helping you here if you are on the pro family side.) I have enough drama in my own life! If they want to continue to create drama in their own for attention then leave me out of it! Sounds like your relatives are similar in that they are all into self drama and forget to reach out to you! Good luck this weekend with the Indiana crowd. If it does not go well (though I hope it does the best it can,) then at least remember that you gave it your best. HUGS!

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