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July 24, 2006



Sucking out on this one? You are too kind. The government is sucking out on a whole lot more than just that!


The only free trade that actually works well is a balanced free trade-I have sheep, you have vineyards, and we trade off wine for wool.

At the very least, there is no "free" trade with a country that has no environmental regulations, allows 50 cents an hour as the prevailing wage, and sells office furniture made by prisoners in the DPRK. BEcause of our commitments to human decency and environmental standards, that is a competition we cannot win if the good we are trading in are the same.


I read the post and thought about it...what you wrote here on many levels makes sense but it lacks the harshness of reality. It's like there are many things about communism that sounds good in theory but it practice it never works out. I agree with Jolly Roger, free trade is geat if it is fair trade.


Hey, I'll concede that ALL economies have "unfair" distributions. I'd hate to be a farmer in the Sahara, yes. But I would say that would be a reason NOT to do so! I was raised to believe slave wages were wrong, but my perspective is different (cant live on 50c an hour in USA, but you CAN in some places I've spent long periods of time). The reality is that if we can NOT deliver a product or service the most economically, then we should NOT be doing it, but buying it. Subsidies put trade entirely out of whack...they remove ANY balance -however imperfect- that a market might achieve. Even the slightest subsidy makes trade an almost purely political issue (tell me THAT is a perfect system - HA!). Prices DO go up, and quality probably never does...and what about innovation. I concede its an imperfect system, and your points are true, but my conclusion (anti-subsidies) stands.


I'll *also* concede that you are probably MUCH better informed and politically better-read than me! My news-junkie days are behind me, and I very much welcome informed opinions to keep my mouthy self in line!


No, no Meg you are maybe not as top of the political news (honestly, who is?), but you are at the very least open to hearing both sides of the issue!

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