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August 13, 2006





I'm guessing that must have been photoshopped.....but I wouldn't be suprised if it wasn't!


Heh. Whether it's real or not, it's awesome. *snort*


oh, don't get me started on how poorly i think of this man...my blood boils at the sight of the man and his presidential decisions...it's not priceless, it's proof...proof this man has no business running our country...>end of rant< lol


Ok, I am in the very slow, baby and toddler interrupted process of starting at the beginning and working my slow way up to now to find out what you've been up to and I just wanted to sympathize with you because Arwyn was 2 minute apart, labor pains of death which I experienced for, drumroll, sixteen hours. Just when I was about to give in to the meds, I hit pushing phased... which lasted almost 2 hours. However, your son is super cute. Second child, Gideon, I had an epidural as soon as I could hardly take the pain anymore assuming the whole process would be a repeat and because I had already been in labor for 10 hours and wasn't as far along... and then I gave birth to him an hour later after 10 minutes of pushing.

Child birth is so random.

Did I mention how totally cute your son is? I'm looking at mine right now who is 5 months and 20lbs. I have a chunk. He's almost as big as his sister.

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