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August 23, 2006



I really miss you and the Bub! Can't wait for the 2 of us to just hang in the Old Port.


awww, poor fella, i say be patient with him, as adults we have such a hard time with change, i can't even begin to imagine how it is for the little guy. especially with allergies. i've suffered allergies all my life and it can take alot out of you...i hope all 3 of you get to spend time as you wish soon. let me know how you like the movie. i keep hearing good things about it. :)


I will trade a night.. Wife wants to go out Sat night.. Bring yours over he will get more attention than a new puppy.

And we can watch him for you guys a night.


And please... dont even think I cant handle it or ill strangle you through the modem line.. been there done that remember???


Arwyn's attitude towards things changed when she turned 1. She went from a pretty happy, smiley kid to a bit more of a handful. And I think something in her brain clicked and she realized that when she cried, I came running to help her...she's still trying to milk that one at 2 1/2. I'm sure it is also all the people, activity, new experiences, etc. A part of him probably does just want to be home with you in the same old cozy schedule he's used to, but he's also probably enjoying the change.

What movie did you see? Inquiring minds who haven't been to a film since last December wish to know!

I'm glad everything is going well.

Monolith aka Mikey

Sounds like fun times. The only time I miss the Internet when I'm on vacation, is when I want to look something up.


hey meggers, are you still alive and having fun yet? ;)


I missed being on the internet when I was sick and in the hospital recently. Being able to lookup information whenever I need to or want to was sorely missed!!

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