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August 16, 2006



You crack me up. Funny how we both feel a need to comment on everything instead of just putting the age. I suppose technically I fell in love in 2nd grade for the first time with Wesley Harris because he reminded me of Luke Skywalker... don't know why I didn't put that on mine. I should edit... but does 2nd grade really count? Probably.

We should start a stay at home mom support group.


okay, i've been reading your blog on and off for what? four years now? and still there were quite a few revelations there...i am still not stealing this meme tho...(although i'll probably end up doing so...lol)

revelations aside tho, what in the world were you doing riding a bus in guatemala, or for that matter, being in guatemala at all in the first place...it's either a great place that i don't know about, or you were very very adventurous... ;)


I'd say some of both, Fran! Oh there are more...Thailand, shaved head...just takes the right questions (for anyone, right?)...


i'm going to start asking more "right" questions then! ;P

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