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August 09, 2006



I actually used to drive a Highlander, but that was before they came out with the hybrid version. And Reusker is right, they are basically a Lexus in Toyota clothing. As a play on that, I had a personalized license plate that read "LLXXSS."

I'll have to check out the new hybrid version. It would be interesting to compare it with the one I had before.

Any thoughts on how it handles on twisty curvey roads? I rented a little teeny hybrid car once for a drive down the California coast, and it was a nightmare on all those twisty roads. When you took your foot off the gas, the car didn't slow like it would with a gas engine, so you really had to use the breaks a lot. This took some getting used to. Have you noticed anything like this with the Highlander?


I havent noticed any difference there. I know it does collect the "potential energy" while coasting, but it doesnt slow down significantly slower to me. But I'll see today when I go out. As for twisty roads...havent really been on any. I imagine the frame would behave the same as your other Highlander...?? I'll ask Reusker.

Your Conscience

Ahh,the mitsubishi eclipse. That was a fun car, actually a friggin rocket sled. I remember I borrowed that car for a week or something and it was fun. Didn't you also wreck the ever-loving shit out of it?


yes. and yes again. and I can imagine using the word "shit" but not "love" about The Mitsubeastie! You might also be thinking of the rear-ended Mirage that was totalled...but that wasnt as much fun (the experience or the car). The Beastie became less and less fun as she passed 10 yrs old...but for a cheap car she was a bargain over the lifetime.

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