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August 19, 2006



No internet?! You mean...I have to wait how long until I get an update? WWAAHHH


Glad it's going well (except for the screaming jag) so far! Hope all continues to go well and I'll look forward to updates -- especially of the family freakshow variety. ;-P


Wow. 1300 miles is a long way with a baby, but I'm glad he did well with it. Gideon slept the 400 miles journey to upstate ny, but I can't imagine tripling that distance. You are brave parents.

I'm glad all is going well. How many teeth does he have so far?


glad to hear the trip went well...however will you live without internet access tho? ;)

enjoy your vacation. beachfront apartment sounds nice. hope you get to work on your tan..i know i would :)

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