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September 10, 2006



bermuda sounds like it was good relaxing time for the two of you. a very much needed boost for new parents even if you did have the jitters (which are very normal i think)...

good luck on the drive back. remember what marcie said about making stops at fun places...you never know what cool stuff you'll find...


gal av anting is always good!!


Wow. Going cold turkey for a week the first time... my first time without Arwyn was five hours while she was with my mother-in-law and I cried for about an hour of it. I can't imagine.

However, I'm glad you had a nice trip and some time alone without baby. I have no concept of that since Ry's and my alone time without kids usually doesn't span more than 12 hours...

The car trip will be fine. Just remember to stop to give him out of his car seat time and everything should go swimmingly.


dear internet,

what have you done with meg?



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